We have the pleasure of presenting to you what is

probably the most advanced product in its category

on the British market:

Eco-View Mahogany Windows & Doors

ECO-VIEW is the specialist mahogany window supplier for England and Wales.

The rich, fine-grained beauty of mahogany fits perfectly with the quality and refinement that homeowners, custom builders, architects and designers have come to expect.

  • We combine modern efficiency with the style of the past.
  • We have chosen mahogany for its natural strength, durability and density, which resists changes of temperature and humidity in the damp British climate.
  • Eco-View products are manufactured from the highest grade African mahogany, sourced only from certified sustainable logging and forests.
  • Our windows and doors are available in primed, painted, waxed or stained finishes.
  • We manage an environmentally conscious supply chain and shipping.